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School Update regarding Nursery

School update regarding Nursery


The school is now able to share measures being put in place as a direct consequence of the delay to building works caused by COVID-19. As we had previously communicated, our original plan had been to house a nursery on the school site using a modular build and to repurpose areas of the school building to accommodate larger learning areas.


Unfortunately, the building company undertaking the work has since gone into administration. This delay means that we are unable to house the number of school children without using the modular build from September. As a result, there will not be space for both our children and a nursery until the second phase of building work can be completed.


We have explored various alternatives, but with school being unable to use other sites (something we feel would be best avoided even if we could), we need to minimise the disruption as much as we are able to. This is particularly pertinent given that over 60% of our pupils have not been in school since March.


This has not been a decision that has been taken lightly, but due to circumstances beyond our control our primary concern at this time must be to the children of this school. Please be rest assured that once all building works are complete, it is our intention to have nursery provision on this site.


At present we are working on a plan to be able to offer before and after school provision from September. More information will follow shortly to all our parents.


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