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Wolverley Secondary School art and drama day

With the help of Miss Harrison, the music teacher, we experienced playing drums, tambourines, cow bells and shakers, to play in time and create samba style music, associated with carnivals and Easter celebrations in Brazil. We conducted each other and worked together as a team.

Our drama workshop, involving games and acting, with Mr Round, allowed us to consider our body language and self control in our interactions with each other and how we project ourselves to others. We played trust exercises, and considered each others feelings.

Mrs Dodd, the dance teacher introduced the sixth form dance group who performed a contemporary dance for us. The children were captivated and inspired to try it for themselves in small groups.

Finally Miss Hill showed us how to use fine liners to sketch natural objects, such as seed heads, shells and peacock feathers. We used a single line to draw a shell, without taking the pen off the paper, it was called 'Taking a line for a walk'!

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