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Booking Forms for Holiday Club are available from the office or to download from the website page "Holiday Club". Pre-Book your place for the Summer Holidays.
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Headteacher: Mrs Shelley Reeves-Walters


Deputy and Woodpeckers teacher: Miss A Bidnell


Hedgehogs teacher: Mrs J Cartwright


Robins teacher: Miss L Childs


Squirrels teacher: Mrs K Hall


Kingfishers teacher: Mrs R Stiles 


Owls teacher: Mr J Price


Science and Computing teacher: Mrs J Webber




Teaching Assisitants

Miss Danielle Harrold

Mrs Sara Macdermid

Mrs Wendy Reeves

Mr Harry Leake

Mr Luke McDonnell

Mrs Sam Cadwallader

Mrs Amanda Wilks

Mrs Kate Hemming

Mrs Debbie Brown

Mrs Karen Valentine


Lunchtime Support

Mr Luke McDonnell - Sports Coach

Mr Harry Leake

Mrs Susan Jordan

Mrs Tania Bonner

Mrs Kate Rowe

Miss Danielle Harrold

Mrs Amanda Wilks

Mrs Sam Cadwallader

Mrs Wendy Reeves


Office Administration & Finance Administrator

Mrs A. Hackett



Mr Charles Lowe



Mrs. S. Gardiner

Mrs. S. Jordan

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