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Children in Hedgehogs are assigned a 'buddy' when they join us. These buddies are our lovely Year Six children who take their role as mentor and friend very seriously! Here are some photos of the reception pupils with their buddies:

Picture 1 Deen and Junior.
Picture 2 Ethan, Josh and Harry.
Picture 3 Bradley, Frasier and Edward.
Picture 4 Brandon, Jayden and Myles.
Picture 5 Libby, Imogen and Edi.
Picture 6 Darcey and Maisy.
Picture 7 Sophie, Rose and Brooklyn.
Picture 8 Destiny and Hattie.
Picture 9 Poppy, Alex and Ava.
Picture 10 William and Neve.
Picture 11 Bradders and Heidi.
Picture 12 Ellie-Mae, Jacob and Bethannie.
Picture 13 Jess and Jacob.

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