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Whole School Curriculum

At Wolverley Sebright VA Primary School we strive to ensure all our pupils reach their full potential by developing a curriculum that is both exciting and purposeful.


Early Years  (Age 4-5)

Children in Reception class follow the Foundation curriculum. Learning is very much play based and although our children will tell you that they play all day we can assure you that this play is skilfully planned for by a team of highly trained Early Years professionals. This stage of your child’s education builds on their early learning at home and creates the strong base upon which all other learning sits and as such is the most important stage of your child’ s development.


Key Stages One & Two (Age 5 -11)

Children from years one to six follow the National Curriculum 2014, which provides objectives which are covered throughout the year and sets out the standards required.  

Whilst the curriculum is quite prescriptive in terms of content it does not specify how it needs to be taught.  This allows our staff to use their wealth of expertise and professional judgement to decide how best their children learn.

 Consequently subjects are taught both on their own but also in a cross-curricular ‘topic’ approach so that children have the opportunity to apply their learning in other subjects. Our teachers plan for a half term and then assess plan and review on a weekly and daily basis to ensure that children are being appropriately challenged and supported in their learning.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum, built on an ethos that believes in the education of the whole child or person. Our curriculum provides an opportunity for our children to develop strengths in sports, the arts, music and media.

Our school does not have a religious character but is underpinned by strong moral and family values. Although religious education is not part of the National Curriculum we are provided with a statutory, local syllabus. The syllabus reflects that the religious traditions in England are, in the main, Christian but also provides for a comprehensive overview of the other principal religions represented in England.   The spiritual, moral and social development of our children is very much a strength of our school and one that our parents value. Our children are well mannered and caring, supportive of each other and well behaved.


Assessment for Learning

Our children are very much included in their own learning through our approaches to assessment. Teachers set our very clearly what they aim to achieve for each child as part of their day to day teaching and this is shared with their children in a variety of child friendly ways. 

Children are asked to consider how well they have achieved and what they could do to improve, and their progress is shared with them.  This empowers our children to make decisions about their own learning and prepares them for greater degrees of independent study as they progress through our school and into secondary school.

Enriched curriculum

We are excited to offer activities chosen after consultation with our school council as enrichment opportunities for all key stage two children. These take place as a termly rotation on Monday afternoons and Friday mornings. 

Curriculum Statements


The curriculum statements provide a brief overview of the key features for each subject and what we cover from Reception through to Year 6.

Progression of skills, knowledge and understanding is developed within all our children as they take ownership in their Learning Journey .





Amazing Opportunities

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

In our school we use a PSHE scheme of work (listed below) which provides an additional resource to the school Values and Characteristics of an Effective Learner. 


Emotional and Mental Health in the Curriculum

Children are encouraged to build resilience and learn to take care of their personal wellbeing as part of our School Values. We also refer to Chris Quigley Essentials eight Areas of Success and teachers choose the most appropriate way to address these for their year groups.



As well as covering e-safety as an integral part of our curriculum we also have a separate scheme of work that directly teaches each year group what they need to know to stay safe online. This scheme can be viewed here

SMSC, British Values & PHSE Audit 2017

Characteristics of an Effective Learner 


In order for our children to achieve we focus on developing the characteristics of an effective learner (CEL) throughout our school.

We reinforce positive learning behaviours through the planning of activities that develop key features in all our children.

Characteristics of an Effective Learner (CEL)

Open Evening Presentation October 2014

The National Curriculum

Early Years Framework

Key Stage 1 Curriculum Map

Key Stage 2 Curriculum Map

National Curriculum Programmes of Study

Learn Grow Achieve