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Transition for Squirrels class


Hello future year 2! We can't wait for you to join us in September. 


Our class topic when we come back is We Are Family! and out texts linked to this will be Hey Grandude, The Jolly Postman, Dragon Post and Flanimals. 


Don't worry if you aren't attending transition sessions in school, all of the documents will be uploaded both to this webpage, to our Google Classroom and also be made available as paper copies for you to collect from school.


Transition Packs


The transition pack I have put together is designed to keep children’s learning going over the summer holidays so when they return in September they are ready to learn and confident coming back knowing the key components of the year 1 curriculum. All of the resources are linked to expectations for the end of year 1, so they should give you an idea of where your child should be working to be expected for the end of year 1.


Pack Contents:


Maths activity booklet – this practises basic maths skills that children should be confident with by the end of year 1.


English activity booklet – this practises reading comprehension and SPaG skills that children should be confident with by the end of year 1.


Number formation Practise – ensure your child is forming their numbers correctly and the right way around!


Number flashcards – children should know all the number names of all the numbers to 100 and should know 1 more and 1 less and 10 more and 10 less. They should also be able to make them into a 100 square or put them in order on a number line.


Letter formation workbook – this shows how letters should be formed correctly. Watch the video: Cursive Handwriting: How to Write the Alphabet on You Tube: to show how they should be formed.


Letter formation sheet


Year 1 common exception words flashcards (yellow paper) – children should be able to read and write these words by the end of year 1.


Year 2 common exception words flashcards (blue paper) – children should be able to read and write these words by the end of year 2 (These are for children who are already confident with year 1 CEW).


Phonics flash cards – these are all the phonemes that children should know by the end of year 1, which would have been tested in the phonics screening if they had done it in June.


Number and Place Value ‘Knowledge Organiser’ - this gives an overview of the place value that children should understand by the end of year 1.


Please bring completed packs back to school on the first day. The flash cards and letter and number formation guidance can be kept at home for your reference. I will be assessing the children on their common exception words, phonic knowledge and number knowledge and understand during the first week back so I know where children are working for planning starting points for a recovery curriculum. I will also be listening to them read so I can assess their reading and comprehension ability and see which reading stage they are working on. If you still have books at home please bring them back to school on the first day back.


You can practise reading using the free eLibrary on Oxford Owl:


Username: SquirrelsWSPA

Password: WSPA


It would really help if children could work through the booklets, and practise the flashcards on a regular basis. Start with what they know, and add unknown ones a couple at a time to work on. Hopefully by the end of the summer they will have learnt them all.


Thank you for your support,


The New Squirrels Google Classroom will be open to join from Monday the 13th July, so keep an eye out for your invitation using your Wonde logins.


We look forward to seeing you all in the near future, have a brilliant summer!!


Mrs Harrison, Mr Bishop, Mrs Wilkes and Miss Wilson

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