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Hi future Robins,

Mrs Cadwallader and I are really looking forward to you all starting Robins in September! On Thursday 16th July, you will take home a learning pack for you to complete over the summer holidays. Below are the online version of the resources provided in your pack. Included below, are also some ideas and challenges for you to complete. 

We hope you have a wonderful summer and we will look forward to seeing you in September! 

Miss Childs smiley

Information for September

Summer Holiday Challenges!


Can you recognise the numbers 1-100? Can you write any number from 1-100 when asked by an adult? As a challenge, can you write the numbers 1-20 in word form? Use the flashcards below to help you. 

Practise your number formation. Use the worksheet below to help you. 

Complete the 'All About Me!" sheet below, to tell Mrs Cadwallader and I all about you. 

Practise your Phase 3 and 5 sounds. As a challenge, can you write a list of all the words you can think of with these phonic sounds in? For example: 'sh' - 'fish' 

Can you practise reading the Year 1 common exception words? As a challenge, can you have a go at spelling all of these words? 

Super Challenge! - Can you repeat the above, but with the Year 2 common exception words?  

Practise your letter formation. Use the YouTube clip and the worksheet to help you. 

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